wrongful imprisonment

wrongful imprisonment
неправомірне ув'язнення

English-Ukrainian law dictionary.

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  • wrongful imprisonment — /rɒŋfəl ɪmˈprɪzənmənt/ (say rongfuhl im prizuhnmuhnt) noun Law the unlawful restriction of a person s free movement by the state. Also, false imprisonment …   Australian-English dictionary

  • wrongful — wrong‧ful [ˈrɒŋfl ǁ ˈrɒːŋ ] adjective [only before a noun] HUMAN RESOURCES wrongful actions or activities are unfair or illegal: • He has filed a lawsuit alleging wrongful dismissal (= being dismissed unfairly from his job ) . wrongfully adverb …   Financial and business terms

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  • imprisonment — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ six months , ten years , etc. ▪ life ▪ indefinite ▪ false, unlawful (esp. BrE) …   Collocations dictionary

  • wrongful — wrong|ful [ˈrɔŋfəl US ˈro:ŋ ] adj wrongful arrest/conviction/imprisonment/dismissal etc a wrongful arrest etc is unfair or illegal because the person affected by it has done nothing wrong ▪ She s threatening to sue her employers for wrongful… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • wrongful — adj. Wrongful is used with these nouns: ↑act, ↑arrest, ↑conduct, ↑conviction, ↑death, ↑dismissal, ↑imprisonment, ↑termination …   Collocations dictionary

  • wrongful commitment — Commitment of a person to an institution for the insane upon proceedings in contravention of the constitutional rights of the persons affected. 29 Am J Rev ed Ins Per § 38. See false imprisonment …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • false imprisonment — /fɔls ɪmˈprɪzənmənt/ (say fawls im prizuhnmuhnt) noun → wrongful imprisonment …   Australian-English dictionary

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  • Lesley Molseed murder — The Lesley Molseed murder involved the murder of an 11 year old British girl in 1975. Stefan Ivan Kiszko (1952 1993), [ [http://www.findmypast.com Deaths England and Wales 1984 2006] ] a British tax clerk of Ukrainian parents, was the subject of… …   Wikipedia

  • Murder of Lesley Molseed — Lesley Susan Molseed (14 August 1964 – 5 October 1975) was an eleven year old girl from Turf Hill, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, who was murdered on Rishworth Moor in West Yorkshire. Stefan Ivan Kiszko (24 March 1952 – 23 December 1993), a 23… …   Wikipedia

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